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Fees and Insurance

Couples and Relationship Therapy: An 75 minute couples/relationship session is $235. In general, I am not able to bill insurance companies for couples therapy. Some insurance plans do not cover this service. If it is a covered benefit, insurance companies require that one partner has a documented significant mental illness and that treatment focuses upon that partner and their diagnosis. In addition, most insurance policies will not cover the recommended length for couples sessions and cap them at 45 minutes or an hour.

I encourage you to contact your insurance company and ask if they will cover an 80 minute session (75-80 being the session length recommended for couples therapy) and if they will cover the sessions if the focus is relational improvement and not one spouse's mental health diagnosis, to help you you understand your options fully. (I am unable to balance bill, ie charge private pay for a remainder of non-covered session time, as that is against all insurance contract stipulations.)

Sliding scale spots exist for financial hardship. There is a limited number - please inquire if needed.

Fees and Insurance: Welcome
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